Located in the

Heart of Indy

B. Media House is proud to be located in the ever-growing city of Indianapolis.


The Circle City is where we live, work and play.
We live in Indianapolis and are lucky to be a part of this inclusive and inspiring community. We adore interacting with our clients as partners, creating relationships and bonds that not only strengthen us as individuals but strengthen our city. 

We work in Fountain Square, one of Indianapolis's Cultural Districts that is all-together quirky and artistic. In a matter of blocks, you can find indie music venues, art galleries, a local grocery, laid-back eateries and coffee shops. Needless to say we're never bored here.

We play in Indy. We give back, sit on boards, invest in art and collectively pour lots of dollars into the local food and beverage scene (sorry - not sorry!). We believe culture is an extremely important value that we nurture not only in the workplace but in our community as well.

If you couldn't already tell, we love our city. Haven't been to Indianapolis before? Allow us to introduce you.


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1354 Shelby Street
Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46203